Cool Dakine Backpacks December '21Drop Now Available at Yakwax!

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Cool Dakine Backpacks December '21Drop Now Available at Yakwax!


Sporty and outdoorsy people usually have their favourite go-to bags especially for travelling. While most people prefer proper luggage bags, surfers, skaters and other sports enthusiasts go for backpacks.

Backpacks are easier and more convenient to carry especially when you have separate bags for gear, like a surfboard and its accessories, plus wetsuit on some occasions. Another cool thing about backpacks is you can find them in various sizes and capacities. If you're always travelling for a skate or surf adventure, a medium to large capacity backpack will suit your needs. Smaller versions such as daypacks are also available, particularly sought out for short day trips.

Here at Yakwax, we carry a variety of daypacks and medium-sized backpacks that are perfect for both day trips and overnight travels. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Dakine Backpacks December '21 Drop here at our shop! Dakine offers a wide variety of surf accessories including bags and backpacks for avid travellers. Whether you're a surfer, skater or a non-sporty individual, you will surely find Dakine backpacks quite useful and stylish, and ideal for all sorts of situations.

Browse below for our top five picks from the Dakine Backpacks December '21 delivery


The Dakine 365 pack 30L Backpack (Electric Tropical) is a medium-sized bag with plenty of storage and keeps your personal belonging dry. This backpack is ideal for overnight surfing adventures, so you can take a few pieces of clothing and small personal items.


The Dakine Campus Pack 33L Backpack (Rattan Tropical) is ideal for outdoor adventures and longer trips. It has an insulated compartment for snacks and drinks, as well as other storage areas for gear, laptop and other personal items.


The Dakine URBN Mission Pack 23L Backpack (Vintage Blue) is perfect for skaters. This backpack has plenty of inner storage and outer pockets for your personal belongings, plus web straps on the outside for your board.


If you want an eye-catching bag for a change, the rad Dakine Campus Pack 33L Backpack (Mustard Moss) is the perfect option. This backpack can carry your clothes and other personal items for an outdoor adventure, or a laptop and notebooks for school. It's quite a versatile bag you can carry anywhere.


If you need a lightweight, water-repelling travel/school backpack, the Dakine Campus Pack 33L Backpack (Expedition) is an ideal option. This super versatile bag will let you carry plenty of items you need on a surf trip, or your laptop, books and other essentials if you're also using it for school.

We're loving the cool and colourful selection of backpacks from the Dakine Backpacks December '21 Drop. They are truly made for outdoor adventures and school use, so make sure to check them out here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.