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Cool New HUF UV-Activated Skate Apparel and Accessories are Here at Yakwax!

Hufnagel’s first love has always been and always will be skateboarding. He continues to go back into his roots and support them through the products and opportunities he provides through the company – maintaining the respect and influence HUF has over the skateboard, streetwear, and sneaker communities.

Today, Yakwax has just received a cool batch of HUF skate apparel. The latest delivery includes long- and short-sleeved shirts, and caps that feature designs and prints produced with UV-activated materials which change colours when exposed to sunlight!

Featured below are some of the UV-activated designs in our newest collection of HUF products:

The new HUF Bear UV Long Sleeve T-Shirt in black is a combination of edgy and cool. Whether for shredding the parks or for chilling with friends, this t-shirt will rock your style.

For the minimalist in you, this new HUF Bear UV T-Shirt in White is one cool top without the added noise and complexities of design. Best worn during summertime shredding and other outdoor activities.

This new HUF Triple Triangle UV T-Shirt in black is one of those simple, yet cool tops you can virtually wear anytime and anywhere!

Okay, not being biased just because we carry HUF products, BUT…. This new HUF Bear UV Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Pink is one of the coolest products delivered on our doorsteps!

This HUF Triple Triangle UV Curved Brim Hat in White is the perfect pair for any casual skate wear on a summer’s day. Simple, yes. Cool, definitely!

See our latest HUF collection and more by browsing and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service.

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