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Cool Clothing & Accessories from Butter Goods, The Dudes Factory & Brixton Holiday 2021 Drop


The holiday season have already passed, but there's always time for shopping for new skate/street getup. The weather is still quite chilly, but there are opportunities during bright days to skate and enjoy the outdoors. Wearing the right outfit will protect you from the cold weather, so you get to enjoy those odd days without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

There are plenty of skate apparel brand that provide the right type and style of clothing and accessories for all ages. It only takes a few minutes to browse their collection to find what works for your personal style and needs. Brands like Brixton, Butter Goods and The Dudes Factory are among the top brands we carry here at Yakwax. They provide a wide range of skate clothing and accessories for all-season and all-year wear, so you can mix and match any time, and whenever you need to.

No need to look further! We are stoked to announce the arrival of rad Clothing and Accessories from Butter Goods, The Dudes Factory and Brixton Holiday 2021 collection. It's never too late to wear something comfy and warm during the cold months, so make sure to take advantage of this time to shop for new getup!

Browse below for our top picks from the Cool Clothing & Accessories from Butter Goods, The Dudes Factory & Brixton Holiday 2021 Drop


The Brixton Crest Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Black Cream) is an ideal top for the chilly days out. Whether you need an extra layer for warmth or on its own, this black skate brand tee is perfect for any outdoor and casual getup, no matter the season.


When you need a simple, plain top for skating or for any other outdoor activity, the Brixton Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Apricot Jam) is the perfect choice. This is a uniquely coloured tee which you can wear underneath a jacket or on its own when the weather is not too chilly.


If you need a statement tee that evokes fun times, the Butter Goods Fruits Logo T-shirt (Ash Grey) is the perfect example. This cool tee is comfortable to wear and great as inner layer when it's cold outside, and an ideal top on its own when the weather is warm.


The Butter Goods Downwind Crew Neck Sweater Fleece (Navy) is the perfect outer layer when the weather is quite chilly. If you can't resist skating or hanging out on a nippy day, this fleece sweater is your protection from the cold and for added comfort.


When you need a coloured top that provides comfort and warmth on a chilly skate day, sporting The Dudes Factory High Pullover Hoodie (Mustard) is the best solution. This pullover hoodie is perfect as an outerwear and will go well with any of your favourite skating jeans or trousers.


A uniquely different take on outerwear is The Dudes Factory Outsider Fleece Pullover (Black). This fleece pullover sweatshirt is perfect for the cold weather as a top layer, over your favourite t-shirt for warmth and comfort.

The cold months may require more layers or thicker tops for protection and warmth especially outdoors. But that doesn't mean you can't pick something cool and fun to wear. The rad Clothing & Accessories from Butter Goods, The Dudes Factory & Brixton Holiday 2021 Drop has plenty of options that you can wear almost any season. So, make sure to check it out here at the Yakwax store! All with FREE UK delivery when you order today.