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Skate apparel should be comfortable and easy to wear. These qualities are beneficial to shredders particularly during the warm spring and summer months. Such qualities are also appealing to sportswear fans and street wear aficionados, so seeing them wearing skate tops and accessories has become a norm.

Among the most important tops for skating are t-shirts and hoodies. They have been the go-to tops for shredders since the beginning of skateboarding. The convenience and practicality of tees and hoodies are not just because of their availability, but because they are quite economical for skaters of all ages and levels. Besides, when early skaters decided to go DIY, these are the very first tops they designed with their own hands and creativity.

Speaking of DIY or "do it yourself", one of the most iconic brands that resonate is Butter Goods. They have always provided skaters quality apparel with tasteful graphic designs that appeal to a wide demographic. If you are a seasoned skateboarder, no doubt you are quite familiar with Butter Goods and their rad clothing and accessories.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Butter Good Spring 2019 collection at the Yakwax store! If you need fresh rad tees, hoodies and sweatshirts, this is the best time to shop and update your wardrobe.

Browse below for our top five from this Butter Goods drop

If you like screen-printed tees with a hint of 90's rap vibe, the Butter Goods Rap T-shirt (Black) is the perfect option. Grab this cool black tee and you'll be shredding in it for a long time!

We're loving the new Butter Goods Pigment Dye Micro Classic Logo Pullover Hoodie (Sandstone) for its overall appeal and simplicity. Wear it over your favourite t-shirt or tank top on a cool morning or afternoon shred.

This cool Butter Goods Incorporated T-shirt (Harbour Blue) is a classic example of a logo tee that many skaters are happy to wear. The small chest print is just a hint of what's at the backside of this t-shirt.

If you want a logo tee that showcases the brand, the new Butter Goods Chrome Worldwide T-shirt (White) is as classic and iconic as you can get. This tee is perfect for shredding in the warm days of spring to summer.

If you need a cool outerwear for nippy spring to summer evenings, the new Butter Goods Ben Gore Embroidered Crewneck Sweatshirt (Black) is the best option. When shredding in the cool spring/summer nights, this comfy and warm sweater will keep you riding in style.

Update your skate apparel collection by shopping the latest drop from Butter Goods. All with FREE UK delivery at Yakwax!

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