Branded Surfing Equipment Spring-Summer 2023 Drop now at Yakwax

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Branded Surfing Equipment Spring-Summer 2023 Drop is Now at Yakwax!


If you're making the most of spring-summer surfing by shredding the waves in your favourite locations, it's essential to have the right surfing equipment on-hand to ensure long-term enjoyment.

Though you might not need to replace anything right away, it's ideal to have extra leash, fins and tail pads at your disposal anytime, anywhere. These surfing essentials will always come in handy especially if you're a travelling surfer; and the thought of not having an extra leash or fin in a remote area that doesn't have a nearby surf shop can be daunting.

Investing in branded surfing equipment and accessories will provide an extra leverage whenever you travel to surf. The warmer months are the busiest times for most surfers; so if you're among them, there's always a reason to stock these items before you head out to your next surfing destination.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the rad Branded Surfing Equipment Spring-Summer 2023 Drop here at the Yakwax store! We have a great selection of leashes, fins and tail pads in this collection from world-renowned surf brands such as Futures Fins, Quicksilver, Ocean and Earth, and Dreded Surf. Order yours today while stocks last - all with FREE UK delivery here at Yakwax! 

Watch these videos below featuring a couple of these brands and their cool products in action...

Check out the Limited Edition Futures x Mayhem 3.0 Vapor Core in this video


Pro Surfers Mikey Wright and Rolo Motes Riding the Waves in Hawaii