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Awesome Supra Assassin’s Creed Shoes Now Avalable at Yakwax

Assassin Creed footwear by Supra Limited Edition


We here at Yakwax are stoked to announce that Supra released another batch of cool products – not just awesome shoes, but also shirts and hoodies that are as durable and comfortable.

The exciting part of this batch of footwear is SUPRA’s limited edition capsule inspired by the film Assassin’s Creed

Supra manufactured three versatile silhouettes and outfitted them in a range of rugged exteriors with patterns and materials directly influenced by the armour worn by the heroes in line with the celebration of the film’s global release.

Take a look at these cool shoes and a couple of tops:


The Supra Skytop III x Assassins Creed mid-top shoes are the definition of ‘cool’. Wear it for skating, hanging out and just about any place or event you need to be at.



These Supra Scissor x Assassins Creed Runner Shoes are not just for the avid fans of the game-turned-into-movie. These shoes are among the sleekest we’ve seen this year and they’re great on skates and on the ground!



The Supra Stacks II x Assassins Creed Skate Shoes are ideal for those who love two-toned footwear with a flair!



For work and skate, this Supra Logo Crew neck sweatshirt will keep you warm and comfy.



This new Supra Caske Pullover Hood in black is a must-have for the chilly months to keep you warm and comfy outdoors.


Get the latest and coolest products from Supraright here at the Yakwax store! Take advantage of our FREE UK delivery service on all orders.

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