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Summertime is definitely here and the waves are loudly calling you to shred on! Such a great time to enjoy the warmth of the sun while riding the waves at your favourite surf destinations.

The season is also a great time to try new surf wear and gear just to make sure you are fully equipped before shredding your heart out. Wetsuits that are appropriate for the warm waters are ideal not just to protect you from the sun, but they act as a layer of protection from inevitable skin scrapes as well. Shorty wetsuits are also among today's options for summertime surfing especially if you do not like a full wetsuit.

One of the world's most popular brands that design wetsuits for all seasons is Alder. The company has always provided innovative wetsuits for men, women and children of all ages. They have quite a distinct style that sets them apart from other wetsuit brands, so it's an absolute must to try and update your surf wear this season.

This is why we are so stoked to announce the arrival of the Alder Wetsuit Summer 2020 collection here at the Yakwax store! Choose from full wetsuits for men, women and kids, as well as men's shorties, women's spring/summer suits, and kids' shorties. Why look elsewhere, when we have a great selection waiting for you to check out.

Browse below for our top five picks from Alder


Female surfers should always wear a properly designed wetsuit for shredding which offers great flexibility, comfort and quality. The  Alder Women's Impact 3/2 mm Full Wetsuit 2020 (Blue) is the perfect option if you're looking for warm weather suit that meets your needs.



The new Alder Men's Impact 3/2 mm Shortie Wetsuit 2020 (Black) is ideal for shredding in warmer locations. If you need more flexibility without sacrificing comfort while shredding, this is the wetsuit for you.



Let young surfers enjoy the warm weather and water without compromising their comfort and flexibility. The Alder Impact Junior 3/2 mm Kids' Full Wetsuit 2020 (Lime) is what the grom needs to ensure fun shredding in a top-notch suit that allows him to move and stay warm.



For super shredders who love warmer waters and more flexibility, the Alder Women's Impact Shortie Wetsuit 2020 (Cascade Blue) is the ideal option. Staying warm while conquering more challenging waves is achievable with this shortie.



When you need proper full-length wetsuit for spring-summer surfing, the Alder Men's Impact 3/2 Full Wetsuit 2020 (Royal) combines comfort and flexibility to let you shred to the max! Enjoying the warm waters while staying on your feet on those challenging waves can be done while wearing this wetsuit.

It's always ideal to start the surfing season with proper gear and wear. If you've been keeping that old, battered wetsuit for summer shredding, make sure to discard it now and replace it with proper wetsuit that will last for a long time. Make sure to browse the Alder Wetsuit Summer 2020 collection to see what suits your needs. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when order at Yakwax!

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