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When you need new surf wear for the end of summer, it's never too late to look for one. Remember, there are days or weeks during fall that the waters are still comfortable or a bit warm to still wear summer/warm weather wetsuits. It may be a practical and reasonable approach, but in the long run you'll to get to enjoy years of surfing with the right type of surf wear. 

Choosing a brand should not be too difficult as well. Among today's leading surf wear brands is Alder. They are known for their Californian style wetsuits that appeal to ages, so it's easy to find something for everyone no matter the season.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Alder Surf Wear Summer 2020 collection here at the Yakwax store. If you are looking for new surf wear, start browsing this collection to find what suits your style.

Browse below for our top five picks:  




When your kid needs a versatile surf top, the Alder Spirit Junior Poly Short Sleeve Rashvest (Black) can be worn on its own especially during the summer months, or underneath a full wetsuit during winter time for added comfort and warmth.



When you have a young child who loves the water and waves, it's best to suit him/her up with the Alder Toddler 2mm Shortie Wetsuit (Blue). This shortie is ideal for protection against harsh UV rays and for movement while in the water.



The Alder Ladies Stealth 5/4/3mm Womens Wetsuit (Graphite) is ideal for all sorts of water sports as it is made with premium neoprene for durability and protection.



It's always a must to protect youngsters from any surf-related issues. The new Alder Quatro Full Length Junior Wetsuit (Navy) provides protection and warmth, as well as flexibility and mobility.



The rad Alder Junior Edge 5mm Wetsuit Boots (Black) are perfect for protecting your kid down to his toes while surfing. These wetsuit boots are made with quality materials to ensure protection and comfort.


It's always better to have the right wetsuit whenever you need to surf. The Alder Surf Wear Summer 2020 has a great selection of surf wear for all ages, so everyone can enjoy shredding and other water sports activities. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!


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