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Footwear is essential part of a skater and street style aficionado's getup. There is no alternative to comfortable and durable footwear especially if you wear it for skateboarding, running, playing basketball and other sports.

Designs may vary depending on the type of sport or activity the footwear is meant to be worn. For skateboarders, the need for properly built shoes is crucial for their safety and performance. The most common feature of skate shoes is having impact-absorbing soles to reduce the risk of foot fracture which is quite common among skaters.

The appeal and overall aesthetic of sporty footwear such as skate shoes, trainers and sneakers attract non-skaters and casual-loving individuals. So, it's no surprise to see lots of people wearing these types of footwear no matter what sport, hobby or lifestyle they have.

If you love skate shoes and sneakers, this is a great day to browse the latest drop at Yakwax from some of the top brands in the world!

This is why we are so stoked to announce the arrival of our new footwear 2018 collection from brands New Balance, Lakai, Huf and Globe.

Take a quick browse below for our top five picks from this skate shoe collection:

The New Balance Numeric 598 Skate Shoes in Black Grey exude casual appeal that many skaters and non-skaters love. These shoes provide comfort and style particularly to avid skateboarders.

If you need engineered skate shoes for top performance, the new Lakai Fremont Skate Shoes in White Suede is the perfect choice. These shoes are designed for comfort and performance with 'running footwear technology' to provide maximum board feel.

Considered as the 'more skateable shoes', the new Lakai Riley 2 Skate Shoes in Burgundy Suede are designed with the latest features. These shoes are definitely made for avid skaters who are searching for better performing and comfortable footwear.

The new HUF Galaxy Skate Shoes in White Antique exude classic style that many shoe-lovers appreciate. But these skate shoes are made for hard shredding, complete with features that provide comfort to the wearer.

The New Balance Numeric 255 Skate Shoes in Off White definitely exude style and class. These shoes are designed for skating with features that include better board feel and grip while shredding.

Finding the right footwear, whether for skateboarding or for non-sporty activity, shouldn't be a huge challenge. If you find a new pair that appeals to you, know that you'll be getting a finely designed pair of shoes that offer style and performance altogether.

Find yours here at Yakwax from our latest shoes collection. All with superb FREE UK delivery!

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