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The TLS Tools Change Robe Poncho Summer 2021 Drop is Now at Yakwax!


The warm weather will always draw watersports-lovers to the nearest destination. Of course, you will need all the gear and accessories to complete your surfing adventure during the summer months. Sometimes, you might forgo updating some of the items in your backpack since they are still usable - like those beach towels you're used to, but quite worn out and won't dry you that much.

Finding a multi-functional towel robe is ideal because it can keep you dry and warm when changing in and out of your wetsuit. These towel ponchos are definitely practical and worth the investment. They are a must-have no matter the weather and season, so it's essential to have one of these items especially now that you're out there frequenting your favourite surf/swim locations.

Only one brand comes to mind when it comes to comfortable and lightweight microfibre change robe, TLS Tools. Their colourful and vibrant collection of change robe ponchos are unique and interesting, and truly must-haves for all ages.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the TLS Tools Change Robe Poncho Summer 2021 drop here at Yakwax! Whether for yourself or your kiddo, there's a cool and colourful change robe that awaits in this latest collection!

Browse below for our top five picks from the TLS Tools Change Robe Poncho Summer 2021 delivery


Your young surfer will love the vibrant TLS Tools Kids Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Multi Rhombus) for its colour scheme and pattern. This towel poncho robe will always come in handy on a warm summer surfing adventure.


For kids who don't like super bright colours, the TLS Tools Kids Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Mexican Stripe) is quite ideal. This towel change robe is light and comfortable, and easy to pack in your kiddo's backpack.


For those who love flora, nature and the outdoors, this colourful TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Flower) is the best option to keep your 'theme' on point. Easy to pack and comfortable to use, this towel poncho robe will make your surf/swim adventures more enjoyable.


If you want to keep up with the 'nature' theme, the TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Tiger Camo) is your best bet! Don't leave home without this towel robe poncho to ensure you'll easily dry out after a long surfing session.


If you want to keep it simple, the TLS Tools Microfibre Poncho Beach Robe (Black) is a must-have. This black poncho towel robe will help you change in and out of your wetsuit, keep you dry and comfy, and can be easily packed in your backpack.

On your next surfing adventure, make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable, dry and warm. The TLS Tools Change Robe Poncho Summer 2021 drop offers a superb selection of towel ponchos that you must have in your surfing essentials. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!