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The Newest Astrodeck Tail Pads Are Now Available at Yakwax!

The latest tail pads by Astrodeck provide plenty of options when it comes to proper traction on your surfboard – from standard tail pads to full deck grips, you can choose whichever traction pad fits your surfing style.

This latest collection is now available at Yakwax, so make sure to check our Astrodeck brand page for the full list of awesome tail pads!

Here are our top five picks from this latest Astrodeck batch:

Many surfers want the feel of having their feet right on the surface of the board. This new Astrodeck Christian Fletcher 3 Piece Front Foot Pad Surfboard Deck Grip in Black allows you to experience that while ripping the waves!

For mellow surfers who appreciate medium kicks, the new Astrodeck Barney Tail Pad Surfboard Deck Grip in black is the perfect solution for less aggressive shredding.

This new Astrodeck Beaker Tail Pad Surfboard Skimboard Deck Grip Arch in Black was designed for medium arch and kick, and lets your stay on your board for a longer time.

This cool Astrodeck New Nathan Fletcher Tail Pad Surfboard Deck Grip in Camo is super grippy, enabling you to stay on your board while doing all your airs and turns.

Another grippy tailpad that boosts airs and turns is the Astrodeck New Nathan Fletcher Tail Pad Surfboard Deck Grip in Blue. Now you can stay on your board longer while perfecting those epic moves like your favourite surfer!

Time to update your tail pad? Check our full Astrodeck Collection and make sure to order right here at Yakwax for all your surfing needs and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service when you shop!