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Making your spring surfing adventure more enjoyable starts with proper gear. When you are kitted with superior surfing gear, you are more confident to ride the waves without much worries.

Finding the right surfing products according to your skill level and personal preference is a lot easier now, since we have a plethora of brands from across the globe that truly understand the needs of surfers. Among the most sought-after are surfboard fins, wetsuits, tail pads, and other add-ons/accessories that offer numerous benefits to the rider.

Many of today's surf brands that can help you take your surfing lifestyle to the next level include Slater Designs, FCS, Volcom, C-Monsta, Hydro, and even Vans. These brands are quite popular among riders of all ages and skill level, so it's easier to find what you need each season.

This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Surf Products Spring 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store. We have received a number of excellent surf gear and accessories that will complement your spring surfing adventure and beyond.

Check below for our top five faves from the Surf Products Spring 2022 delivery


Such a unique and useful surf accessory to have is the C-Monsta Recycled Wetsuit Hanger (Grey). This durable wetsuit hanger can accommodate your suit, gloves, boots and other surf accessories without worries.


If you need lightweight and highly responsive fins, the Slater Designs Endorfins Small Futures Compatible Thruster Surfboard Fins Set (Black/Green) is the ideal option. This is an ideal all-round fin set that could take tighter clusters and helps shed water off of your board.


When you need a pair of durable, yet comfortable swim/surf boots, the Vans 3mm Split Toe High Wetsuit Surf Boots (Black/Black) are the best option. These surf boots provide superb grip, board feel and comfort to your feet.


The Slater Designs Endorfins Large FCS 2 Compatible Thruster Surfboard Fins Set (Black) will enable you to improve your board's manoeuvrability and performance. These are lightweight fins that are quite responsive and designed for huge, arcing turns.


The Volcom Lido Solid Longsleeve Rashguard (Black) provides comfort and flexibility while you're surfing. This stretchy, regular fit rash guard also provides 50+ UV protection, so you can shred for longer without getting sunburned.

Surf your heart out without worries this spring, when you are properly kitted with superior quality gear and accessories from today's top brands. Check out the Surf Products Spring 2022 Drop, all with FREE UK delivery here at Yakwax!

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