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Socks will always have a place in your daily getup and wardrobe. This is especially true among skaters since they require proper feet cushion and support at the right areas. No matter how sporty or laidback you are, socks can provide your feet the much-needed comfort wherever you go.

For cool and stylish socks, there's one brand that truly stands out among the rest - Stance. The brand is known for developing super comfy socks for boardsports, outdoor activities and regular daily use. Stance socks come in a wide variety of options ranging from types, colours, designs and signature blend of materials. Whichever you choose, these socks will fit your needs especially if you have an active lifestyle.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Stance Socks Spring 2021 Drop here at Yakwax! There's plenty of options to choose from to mix and match with your skate getup.

Check our top five picks below from this rad Stance Socks Spring 2021 Drop


The new Stance Imagination Bob Socks (White) is a combination of comfort, proper cushioning and fun. If you love Sponge Bob, you'll definitely need these socks in your collection!


If you love to skate for hours, the artsy Stance La Mara Socks (Black) are the right choice for long shredding sessions. With enhanced feet cushioning and support, these socks will let you shred for longer.


When you need a trio of cool socks right now, the Stance Badwater Crew Sock (3-Pack, Multi) should top your shopping list. These socks are made for sports and outdoor activities, thanks to the engineered design and material that assure comfort and feet support.


For fans of the beloved Marvel hero, the new Stance x Marvel Captain America Marquee Socks (Off White) are a definite must in your collection. Enjoy the comfort and proper cushioning of these socks on any shredding day.


For those who love plain, black socks, the Stance Icon Quarter Socks (Black) are perfect for any outdoor/sports activity. These socks provide ample feet cushioning, support and comfort.

The spring-summer months will surely require proper gear and getup especially if you're a skater. Never skip or skimp on quality socks because they have more benefits that meet the eye. So, make sure to check the Stance Socks Spring 2021 collection here at the Yakwax store. Take advantage of our FREE UK delivery when you order!

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