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Skate Hardware & Accessories Fall 2020 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!

Skate Hardware & Accessories Fall 2020 Drop Now Available at Yakwax!

Skating this fall is more enjoyable and exciting if you are well-equipped with proper hardware and accessories, plus some type of protective gear as well. Your skate getup should, by now, have been sorted out because it's one of the priorities of shredding more comfortably and effortlessly.

If you do have sorted your skating getup and footwear, it's best to focus on what your board needs in order to ride smoothly without those unnecessary hassles in between. Often times, we forget to update or upgrade our gear by end of the last season; so, it's best to check what's needed to be replaced before skating your heart out this fall.

Worry no more because we have received the Skate Hardware and Accessories Fall 2020 drop here at the Yakwax store! All you need to do is browse and pick what you need to keep you shredding for hours on end.

Below are our top five favourites:


When you need lightweight, responsive skate trucks, these rad Sushi Hollow Kingpin Skateboard Trucks (Black, 5.25 inch) will get you shredding for longer. They are definitely durable and designed to last long-term shredding.


Keep a new set of these rad Bones Hardcore Skateboard Bushings (Yellow, Medium) and another set to shred this fall. These bushings aid in taking control of your board easier than usual.


When you want to achieve smoother grinds, the Krux DLX Hollow Skateboard Trucks (Polished Silver, 8.0 inch, Pair) will help you do that - thanks to the low profile design and combination of curvature and Down Low Kingpin.


When you need skate protection without compromising movement, the 187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guards (Black) will let you shred without restrictions. These protective wrist guards are designed with improved breathability and comfort, so you can skate without even noticing any difference.


If you're looking for lightweight, durable skate trucks, these Venture V Lights Low Skateboard Trucks (Polished, 5.0 inch, Pair) are the best option. These trucks are designed to resist skating impacts.

There's no excuse when it comes to updating and improving your skating gear. In fact, it is always a must to check and replace whatever's necessary to keep you shredding with comfort and minimal hassles.

So, make sure to check the Skate Hardware and Accessories Fall 2020 drop here at Yakwax to find what you need before shredding with your mates! All with FREE UK delivery when you order today.