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New Surf, Skate and Phone Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

There are just some things you cannot do without especially with a sport like surfing or skating. Surely, you will find many basic necessities for both such as their corresponding boards and parts. But there’s more to surfing and skating than the bare minimum, so it’s best to always have these accessories handy for situations that need them the most.

We are excited to announce the arrival of the newest surf, skate and phone accessories, hardware and other handy items which you can take with you during your favourite board sport adventures!

Make sure to browse our latest accessories and get one or two that may come in handy.

You might also like our top five picks from this latest collection:

When you want surfboard ding repair that’s fast, Phix Doctor Durarez Standard – Epoxy/Poly Surfboard Repair (2 oz) is the best option. Cures in 1 minute and always ready to use wherever you go!

When you have the latest iPhone model, it’s only imperative to get the Death Lens iPhone Fisheye Lens for iPhone 7. Easily and effortlessly enjoy taking fisheye shots with the easy-to-attach lens and case.

No need to worry about lost keys or mobile phones while out in the ocean with this new Northcore Waterproof Key & Phone Case. Take those important items with you whether you’re surfing, swimming, diving, or sailing.

Shorty’s Curb Candy Pocket Size Skate Wax (Assorted Colours) are so handy and easy to take with you wherever you skate. Always have one of these pocket-sized Shorty’s in hand, so you can enjoy smooth shreds with your buddies, all the time.

Never leave home without the new Shorty’s Hardware 1” Mounting Bolts, because you’ll never know when a screw gets loose! Have these in your skateboard bag or pocket for those unforeseen circumstances.

When you are equipped withe the proper gear for skate or surf, there’s always room to improve your experience and adventure. One way is to have the necessary accessories to keep your board, mobile phone and other gear parts in check.

You can get them all here at the Yakwax store! Make sure to take advantage of our killer FREE UK delivery service when you order.

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