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Hot New Batch of Vissla Clothing, Accessories and Wetsuits at Yakwax

Vissla is known as a surfing brand that represents creative freedom, forward-thinking philosophy and a generation of creators and innovators. They also embrace the modern do-it-yourself attitude within the surf culture.

For the avid surfer or fan, Vissla’s high-performance surf wear, cool apparel and accessories are among the most sought-after. With well-thought of designs, colour schemes and overall appeal, their products are always made to please.

We are stoked to announce that the latest deliveries from Vissla are now here at Yakwax!

Check below for our top five picks from this Vissla delivery:

The Vissla 5/4mm Seven Seas Full Chest Zip Wetsuit 2017 is definitely engineered to keep you dry in and on the water. Enjoy shredding in cold water in the black colour suit!

A black Vissla Towel is a must-have in your beach or surfing adventure especially when it’s time to dry up. It is also great for regular use at home.

Whether you’re a surfer, the cool kid in school, the hip office guy, or all of the above, the versatile Vissla Road Tripper Backpack is perfect for you! Take it anywhere and on any adventure.

Stay warm during nippy months by wearing this Vissla Eastern Tides Beanie in Naval with your cold-weather attire. It’s perfect for casual wear, day or night.

Your summer outfit won’t be complete without this Vissla Windows Trucker Cap. Step out in style while getting a bit of sun protection.

Grab these new surf products from Vissla right here at Yakwax and get our killer FREE UK Delivery on all orders.

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