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Skateboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports. It can be a fun skill for the youth, but it definitely requires proper protection whenever your grom decides to skate outside. Like other board sports, skating involves proper care and maintenance of your gear where the use of hardware and accessories, and replacing worn-out decks are part of the routine. Get your skate essentials here at Yakwax from top brands 187 Killer Pads, 5 Boro, Birdhouse, Bullet, Diamond Supply Co., Grind King, Harsh, Independent, Krooked, Magenta, Mini Logo, Plus Reserve, Primitive, Ricta, Shake Junt, Silver Trucks, Skateboard Cafe, Sour, Thunder and many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!


There’s the sport-side of skateboarding and there’s also the technical and safety sides that skaters learn and practice in order to make the most of their favourite sport. It is essential to have the skill to do those rad tricks, but it’s also crucial to understand how to fix and maintain a skateboard, as well as protect oneself and stay safe at all times.

Though many skaters focus on investing on branded skateboards and gear, there are other things you need to consider before you shred the parks and streets. Whether you are riding nearby or planning to skate far away from home, having several skateboard essentials will always come in handy and could even save a life.


You will find high-quality skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and completes from today’s top brands including Alltimers, Autobahn, Birdhouse, Bones, Chocolate, Cuntry Lane, Deathwish Skateboards, DGK, Girl, Gold, Krooked, Krux, Magenta, Mouse, Prime, Primitive, Real, Ricta, Rocket Skateboards, Silver Trucks, Skate Mental, Skateboard Cafe, Sour, Spitfire, The Killing Floor, Thunder, WKNDand Yakwax. They offer a variety of designs which appeal to both young and old shredders.

Some opt for separate parts of a skateboard in order to make a more customised board based on their skill level and needs. Other skaters prefer completes for convenience especially if it’s their first time to purchase one. It is also convenient to buy a complete skateboard and just update or replace the worn-out parts.


In order for your skateboard to function accordingly, you will need appropriate hardware installed. You cannot use any similar store-bought hardware because they are designed differently and will not fit accordingly. Top brands such as Grind King, Mini Logo, Plus Reserve, Shake Junt and Sushi specialise in skateboard hardware including bearings, bushings, truck bolts and kingpins.


Additional items to complete your skating lifestyle are accessories ranging from griptape, skate wax, riser pads, gifts for skaters, shoes for men and kids. You can get yours from top skate brands like Crupie, Huf, Independent, Grizzly, Lakai, Sk8Mafia, SML Wheels, among others.


Protection and safety are a must when skateboarding. These items are especially necessary for beginners and children to protect them from bumps, bruises and broken bones while learning how to skate. Both amateurs and professionals must use skate protection gear - such as helmets, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards, and pad sets or combos - not just during competition, but every time they shred on the streets and at the skate parks. Top brands 187 Killer Pads, Bullet, Harsh, Industrial and Pro-Tec have great selections to choose from.

Skateboarding shouldn’t be taken very lightly by disregarding the necessary tools and protection products that accompany the sport. Having the best skateboard hardware, tools, accessories and protective gear on-hand will ensure an enjoyable and safe shredding session every time.

Get yours today at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!