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Surfing in spring is a fun and enjoyable experience for riders of all ages. The warm waters and weather are so inviting, so it's inevitable to go out and surf for hours. Ideally, no matter the season or weather, it's always best to wear proper surf attire that provides comfort, good coverage and flexibility.

Luckily, there are plenty of surf wear brands that offer excellent quality products for riders. They provide seasonal wetsuits and rash vests of various thickness and lengths to suit the needs of surfers. Wetsuits are among the most crucial investments of surfers, so it's a must to find high-quality and durable options out there.

Among the brands that we offer when it comes to surf wear are Alder, Hurley and Xcel. These names are renowned for their design and innovative ways of producing wetsuits and all sorts of surf attire for riders across the globe. 

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Alder, Hurley and Xcel Surf Wear Spring 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store. No matter your age, we have something for you to wear on your spring surfing sessions.

Browse below for our top five picks from the Surf Wear Spring 2022 delivery alder-3-2mm-impact-junior-kids-shortie-wetsuit-red

The Alder 3/2mm Impact Junior Kids' Shortie Wetsuit (Red) is perfect for the warm spring-summer months. Your child will fully enjoy surfing under a warm day without compromising comfort and flexibility.


The Xcel Men's 3/2mm Comp Chest Zip Wetsuit (Chilli Pepper/Black) is what you need to keep riding your board. This multi-season wetsuit is ideal for any type of watersport, and keeps you warm and moving no matter the weather.


When you need a wetsuit that's easy to wear on and off, the Hurley Women's Advantage Plus 4/3mm Wetsuit (Wild Party) is at your disposal! This cool and stylish wetsuit is designed for all sorts of movement and ideal for cold morning surf.


The Xcel Men's 4/3mm Comp Wetsuit (Black) is ideal for those odd chilly days in the water. You can still move and shred on a cooler day, while enjoying the comfort and lightness of this amazing wetsuit.


When you can't wait to be in the water, the rad Hurley Men's Advantage Plus 3/2mm Printed Wetsuit (Iodine Blue) is the perfect surf wear! This performance-focused wetsuit provides enough flexibility, warmth and comfort for a warm surfing session.


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