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One of the best advice we always hear from experienced skaters is to invest on proper skate shoes. This is crucial especially for beginners and youngsters who want to learn how to skate and/or advance their skill in riding. Of course you will need skill and gear, but to complement them you will need proper footwear to protect your feet at all times.

Skate footwear is designed to protect the rider's feet from risks due to impacts. These shoes must be easy on the feet, especially on the soles, and should be light and comfortable. They are engineered to protect the areas that are vulnerable to impacts and discomfort during rides, so riders can focus on their moves instead of worrying about their feet especially when skating on challenging terrain.

Proper skate shoes provide excellent cushioning and durability, so they can withstand the wear and tear of shredding. But that doesn't mean they are not stylish. In fact, even non-skaters love branded skate footwear for their style, colour schemes, and overall appeal. Among the top brands that offer superb skate shoes are eS, Emerica and New Balance Numeric. These names are around for many years - providing plenty of proper, stylishly cool skate shoes for all ages.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the New Balance Numeric, Emerica and eS Skate Shoes Spring 2022 Drop here at the Yakwax store! You will find a great assortment of skate shoes for men and kids, so make sure to check them all or...

Browse below for a glimpse of our top five picks from the New Balance Numeric, Emerica and eS Skate Shoes Spring 2022 delivery


Groms will surely love the cool and stylish Emerica Wino G6 Slip-On Youth Kids Skate Shoes (Aqua). These skate slip-ons are designed to give youngsters a great board feel without scrimping on comfort and feet support.


The New Balance Numeric NM1010 Tiago Lemos Skate Shoes (Black/Black) are designed with a classic silhouette and comfort in mind. These pro model skate shoes are built for impact absorption and feet support, so you can skate all you want for hours.


If you need a new pair of cool shoes, the eS Caspian Skate Shoes (Blue/Black) will keep you shredding in style and comfort. These shoes are reinforced at the heel and built for feet support and comfort, so you can skate for hours on end.


The Emerica Tilt G6 Vulc Skate Shoes (Tan/Black) are remastered classic shoes based on "The Tilt". The Tilt G6 has slimmer profile with all the supporting features to ensure comfortable and longer rides.


If you want a pair of skate shoes that exude a casual vibe, the New Balance Numeric NM440 Skate Shoes (Light Blue/Black) are the perfect choice. These NM440 shoes provide excellent feet support and cushioning in all needed areas, plus the cool and stylish appeal that riders love on a skate footwear.

If you're needing new skate footwear to fully enjoy the season's shredding sessions, the New Balance Numeric, Emerica and eS Skate Shoes Spring 2022 Drop has a great selection of stylishly cool, top-notch footwear that will keep you shredding this season and onward. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

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