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Staying outdoors for hours requires proper skin protection especially when you're rearing to hit the waters or the skate parks. Apart from the usual footwear and apparel, you will need to protect your skin to prevent sunburn and drying under the warm weather and/or while you're in the water.

Both skaters and surfers should have proper skin protection no matter the situation. This can help in ensuring less discomfort under the warm sun - keeping you shredding for hours with less worries. Same goes for proper footwear, whether for skating or simply hanging out with your friends.

Skate shoes are an absolute must for riders especially for newbies who are still learning the ropes. Feet support/cushioning, protection from inevitable impacts, and comfort are just among the many benefits of skate shoes. For outdoor lounging, hanging out at the beach, or simply chillaxing on a lazy weekend will only require you to wear a comfy pair of flip flops, slip-ons or sandals. You will need both types of footwear especially if you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Essential Skin Care and Footwear Spring 2022 Drop here at Yakwax! This fresh drop has cool shoes from eS and New Balance Numeric, stylish flip flops from Foam Life, and sunscreens from Sun Bum

Browse below for our top picks from the Essential Skin Care and Footwear Spring 2022 delivery 


The Foam Life Mully Cork Flip Flops (Tan) provide comfort and style, while you're chillaxing on a warm day. These flip flops are made with recycled materials and organic fibres as well.


Never leave home without the Sun Bum SPF 50 Face Lotion (88ml) for your skin. Protecting your skin with this SPF 50 lotion is crucial especially if you love staying outdoors and under the sun for a long time.


When you need a new pair of skate shoes, the New Balance Numeric NM288 Skate Shoes (White with Navy) will definitely keep your feet cushioned and supported at the right areas. These shoes are definitely made for shredding in style!

Make sure your spring shredding sessions are enjoyable and comfortable as much as possible. The Essential Skin Care and Footwear Spring 2022 Drop has a great selection to keep you comfortable and performing even under the sun! All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.

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