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Wearing sunglasses is one way to protect your eyes while enjoying the outdoors. There are regular sunglasses that provide eye protection, but do not eliminate or reduce glare. This is one of the main reasons why it is essential to choose UV protective sunglasses with polarised lenses, so you can stay outside and enjoy whatever sport or activity you love without straining your eyes.

Today's market offers an abundant selection of sunglasses for all ages. But choosing one should always consider your outdoor lifestyle as well, especially when you need one on a bright sunny day. There are sunglasses brands that mostly focused on style, but not always on function and protection. So, it's best to choose a brand that can offer all these factors to ensure your eyesight will not suffer during an on-going activity. 

Among the many sports-oriented sunglasses brands today is Carve. The 100% Australian eyewear company is focused on providing high-quality eyewear at best value. Carve eyewear has been around for over two decades, and primarily known for their stylishly cool sunglasses and snow goggles.

If you've been on the lookout for stylish and top-notch shades to complement your spring-summer activities, we are stoked to announce that the Carve Sunglasses Spring 2022 Drop2 is now here at the Yakwax store! So, make sure to check out this latest collection and see what style fits your spring shredding and outdoor getup!

Browse below for our top five picks from the Carve Sunglasses Spring 2022 Drop2


When you need statement shades for your spring shredding sessions, the Carve Icon Polarized Sunglasses (Blue Tortoise) are the perfect option. These shades have category-3 polarised lenses to minimise glare, and are also 100% UV protective.


When you need eye protection while out there at the beach, the rad Carve Wolfpak Floatable/Hydrophobic Polarized Sunglasses (Matt Black/Grey) will definitely keep you looking cool as well. These floatable polarised sunglasses are practical and beneficial especially for watersports practitioners.


The Carve Volley Jr. Kids Sunglasses (Red Translucent) will keep youngsters' eyes protected from UV rays and bright glares while he/she is under the sun. These sunglasses are cool and stylish, so your child can wear them with any type of casual or sporty getup.


If you love both modern and classic style sunglasses, the Carve Alaia Polarized Sunglasses (Crystal Tortoise Green) is a mix of both. These rectangular shades are perfect for any outdoor activity and getup, so you can stay stylish while also protecting your eyes from UV ray and glare.


The Carve Arabella Polarized Sunglasses (Gloss Black) have the cool-girl vibe of the timelessly stylish cat-eye sunglasses. These shades are perfect for any casual or sporty getup, and definitely protective and beneficial for those who love the outdoors.

Enjoy the outdoors without compromising your eyesight. The Carve Sunglasses Spring 2022 Drop2 has an excellent selection of sunglasses that will complement your active style. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

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