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Women's Wetsuits

Women's Wetsuits

Today's wetsuits for women are more interesting and stylish. Primarily designed to provide comfort and protection for surfers and water sports practitioners, women's wetsuits are made of lightweight, flexible neoprene material to ensure effortless movement while shredding the waves. If you love surfing, wakeboarding and other extreme water sports, you'll find women's wetsuits absolute must-haves for tackling varying water temperatures and climates. Also, make sure to invest on complementary accessories such as women's full suits, shorty and spring suits, rash vests, wetsuit shorts, boots, gloves, hoods and capsfrom top brands Alder, Hurley and Xcel. Available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Wetsuits For Women

Women's wetsuits are different from men's wetsuits in terms of shape. Wetsuits for women are especially designed to fit a woman's curves which typically have wider hips and thighs, and a roomy chest for comfortable fit.

Choosing the right wetsuit for a typical day of shredding or for a week-long surfing getaway should no longer be an issue for all surfers. This is because wetsuits are designed and categorised based on the water and climate temperatures that shredders are faced with.

For instance, many women choose to wear bikinis under light/thinner wetsuits. The type of surfing clothes you choose can make a big difference on how you perform on water and stay confident to get through those killer waves. But what most women surfers hate is the effect of warm rays and sunburns which is really bad for the skin.

One great way to avoid sunburn is to wear a reliable and quality wetsuit. Modern wetsuits have similar benefits to sunblock and they also prevent you from sliding off your board. This is why wetsuits for women is considered protection from: harsh water and weather temperatures, intense sun rays, scratches and bumps.

Types of Wetsuits for Women

Right fit, quality of material and features are the necessary criteria when buying wetsuit for women. Additionally, choosing the right type of wetsuit for a specific season is an essential consideration. The types of wetsuits are shorty wetsuits, full body wetsuits and spring wetsuits.

Women's Shorty Wetsuits

Shorty wetsuits are popular in summer. They have lower levels of insulation while covering the body, arms, biceps and mid thighs (or a little above the knee).

Shorties provide protection from scrapes, as well as possible sting injuries. They may also feature back zip entry, stretchable neoprene and flatlock seams.

Women's Full Body Wetsuits

Full wetsuits provide proper insulation and coverage for the whole body - from the neck to the hands, and down to the ankles. The standard thickness is 3/2mm up to 6/5mm, which means 3mm neoprene around the torso and 2mm thickness for arms and legs.

A full suit features front entry chest zip, quick dry lining, textured skin panels at the chest and back, internal thermo dry seam tape, glued and blind stitched seams and flexible knee panels.

Women's full suits are essential in the colder months or when shredding in cold waters. This also means wearing them in early spring time shredding since the waters are still extremely cold. If you have full wetsuit with thinner neoprene, then it's best option for a cold spring morning shred with your gal pals.

Women's Spring Wetsuits

Also referred to as bikini wetsuits, spring suits are highly favoured during summer or spring.Spring wetsuits have full arm coverage and bikini type or micro shorts bottom. This is a perfect suit when surfing under the sun, while keeping your arms and body protected from UV rays. Features may include stretchy 2mm thick neoprene covering, glued and blond stitched seams and front zip entry.

If it's time to update your surf wear, women's wetsuits, tops and jackets,boots, gloves and other accessories by top brandsAlder,HurleyandXcel are excellent options for all-year shredding. Available at Yakwax with superb FREE UK delivery!