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Wet/Dry Bags + Change Mats

Wet/Dry Bags & Change Mats

Wetsuit bags and change mats are surfers' must-haves and considered as necessities. When there are no bathrooms or change room at the beach, change mats will always come in handy. Wet and dry bags are ideal for transporting damp surf wear, while keeping your car dry especially when you're on your way home. If you've had enough of smelly, damp gear and wetsuits in your car, better get a change mat and wetsuit bag right here at Yakwax! We carry top brands in surf accessories such as FCS and Ocean And Earth. All with FREE UK delivery.

Wetsuit Bags & Change Mats

In most cases, surfing destinations are not your typical beach resort where vacationers have all the amenities - from bars, to restaurants, to changing rooms. When you're a surfer, you should always be prepared with the proper gear and essential items for personal use.

When taking dry clothes and surf wear to the beach, make sure that you have wet and dry bags available all the time. These could be two separate items such as a waterproof wetsuit bag for your surf wear, and your handy backpack for all other items such as your dry clothes, keys, mobile phone, wallet, and others.

When there are no change rooms in the area, a trusty wetsuit changing mat and poncho can do the trick. Some surfers can do without the poncho, but if you're a highly conscious individual and worried about being naked in public, this combination is your saviour at a remote surfing location.

These are quite handy and practical items to invest on if you truly love surfing and other water sports. They help protect your gear, dry clothes and personal items. And best of all, you will be able to keep your car dry all the time.

Grab the latest wet/dry bags and wetsuit change mats right here at Yakwax! We carry popular brands in surf accessories such as FCSandOcean And Earth. Enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!