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Towels + Ponchos

Towels & Ponchos

When there is no changing room in sight at the remote beaches you're frequently surfing, getting a changing poncho is the best decision you can make. Not only can you change and dry up within minutes after surfing, but you can minimise heat loss especially during the cold winter months. Get beach changing robes and towels here at Yakwax! We carry popular brands such as FCS, Hurley, Northcore andTLS Tools. All with FREE UK delivery.

Towels & Changing Robe Ponchos

They say the best waves are located in many remote areas and undeveloped beaches, which is why many surfers go to these destinations equipped with gear and changing ponchos. When there are no establishments in sight, it's highly likely there are no facilities for washing up and changing into warm, dry clothes.

A beach changing robe poncho towel is a simple solution to taking off wetsuits and swimwear without being seen naked in public. Sometimes, surfers and water adventurers have no choice but change inside or at the back of their vehicles when no one is looking. But varying temperatures and the fact that they are dripping wet, make the changing process more difficult when there's no barrier.

If you do have a beach poncho, it's best to pair it with a changing mat to keep your feet and surf wear from touching the sand. It is easier when you have both items at hand, plus a beach towel to further dry your skin and hair.

Shop for towels, changing ponchos and other swim/surf accessories from renowned skate and surf accessories brands Grizzly, Ocean And Earth and Vissla. All with FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!