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Pro Bearings


Some may consider bearings as ordinary hardware within the skateboard wheels. However, they actually have a rad purpose of making turns smoother and more stable. WithPro rated bearings, you can expect premium quality bearings and better technology to suit every rider's needs and level of experience. Bones is a pioneering skate brand that coined 'Swiss' bearings in the 80's, but they are not the only brand in the industry that producespro rated Swiss style bearings in general. There's Andale and Shake Junt if you're looking for a younger brand; but if you want an iconic one, Bones is always on the top list of options. Get them here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery!

Pro RatedBearings - UK Store

One of the prominent skate brands that comes to mind in search for probearings is Bones. The brand became the reference of Swiss bearings in the 1980's when George Powell coined the term. During that time, America had several producers, but Germany and Japan were already beginning to create bearings with better quality and affordable price. This prompted George to find the best innovators and came across bearings made in Switzerland.

Generally, there are no special parts withintop end rated bearings that make them different from standard bearings. It is in the production that makes them different, much like what we all know about Swiss watches and Swiss knives. The innovation used in manufacturing Swiss premium skateboard pro bearings are typically more advanced and complex, and they are not necessarily just within the specific country.

Many global skate brands carrypro bearings these days, but the most prominent ones in the industry include Andale, Bones and Shake Junt. So, if you are after ingenuity and top-notch quality in skateboard bearings, Swiss pro rated bearings are at the top of the list. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our superb FREE UK delivery!