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Surf Gel

Surf Gel

Surf Gel is both preventative and relief when skin rashes occur after a swim or surf. Wetsuit, boardshorts and swim wear rub against the skin when you move in/on water, causing irritation, rashes and redness. Surf Gel is a topical protection against irritation from chafing and rubbing of surf and swim garments that help prevent and heal skin irritation. Shop yours here at Yakwax with our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Surf Gel Wetsuit Rash Protection

Having rashes right after swim or surf sessions is definitely not pleasing. Skin irritation can become serious especially when you're wet for long hours and it can be debilitating when left untreated. You won't be able to swim or surf when you have painful rashes, so it's best to prevent them at the onset. This is why Surf Gel extreme skin protection was developed and formulated especially for water sport practitioners.

Developed by National Gel LLC, this New Hampshire based brand is focused on protecting skin from irritants. Surf Gel's active ingredient is white petrolatum (USP 100) and its inactive ingredient is coconut fragrance. Other ingredients include Aloe Vera, chamomile, vitamins A and E, green tea and zinc oxide.

When the gel is applied on the skin, it helps prevent board shorts and wetsuit rash; fights the drying effects of sun, water and wind exposure; and soothes chapped lips and cracked skin. It stays on the skin for up to five hours and smells like the tropics as well.

Surf Gel is especially made to act as a barrier between the skin and wetsuit. Problem areas that are prone to rashes are around the neck area, armpits, crotch area, stomach and chest. Applying Surf Gel prevents these areas from developing rashes while you're in the water for a few hours. It is also tested in extreme water temperatures, so whether you surf in the summer or winter months, you can be sure your skin won't get irritated.

Applying Surf Gel after you swim or surf to prevent the possibilities of skin irritation and rash is another option just in case you forgot prior, and also for instant relief. So, if you are frequently in the water it's ideal to have this gel in your backpack at all times. Also, make sure that you have a stash in your travel bag if you're the travelling surfer/swimmer type. Don't leave home without it to keep your skin protected.

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