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Shiner Gold

When you need pomade that does not harden your entire hair into a solid mass like a helmet, Shiner Gold water-based classic pomade is an excellent choice. Countless men have tried the golden classic pomade to hold their hair into place with proper styling and finish. The choice is yours when it comes to styling and grooming your hair, so better check out other Shiner Gold hair products such as their styling matte clay, beard balm, and psycho hold for stubborn hair. Shop for these great hair styling products right here at Yakwax and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

Shiner Gold Pomade and Hair Products, Online UK Shop

The selection of men's hair and grooming products is vast and constantly growing. But many of today's gents are sticking to the basics and classic hair styling product such as the pomade. However, today's pomades are more innovative and have various options and ingredients which were not available or used in decades past.

One of the modern pomade-makers known worldwide is Shiner Gold. The name of the brand itself is easily understood when you buy their classic water-based pomade. Yes, it is golden, clear, nicely fragrant and provides great hold, so you can sculpt and style your hair all day without worries.

Founded by Jimmy Allen in Phoenix, Arizona, Shiner Gold is currently produced in California. With strong attention to quality and the signature formula of their hair styling products, it took them three years and five laboratories to produce water-based pomade that suits their standards.

Perhaps one of the most talked about aspect of Shiner Gold pomade is the fragrance. It smells like a mix of coconut, fruit and almond (as some commenters mentioned). While some guys may not like the fragrance, others love it for the subtle fruitiness and sort of a 'turn on' when it comes to their significant others.

Shiner Gold Product Offerings

Hair Styling and Grooming Products

  • Classic Pomade - The Shiner Gold Classic is what most customers are raving about in many online shops and forums. It is heavy holding and thick, but won't damage your hair as you comb it to shape. It works for all hair types, but it is specifically formulated for thick, wavy hair. The Classic provides shine with greasy feel, and a wonderful coconut scent.
  • Maximum Matte Clay - If you don't like a shiny hairdo, this matte clay is for you. It provides strong hold to help sculpt and style your hair minus the 'wet look'.
  • Beard Balm - Keep your beard soft and splendid at all times with the Shiner Gold beard balm. It has the same coconut fragrance as the classic pomade. 
  • Psycho Hold - Created to help style stubborn hair types, the Psycho Hold lets you style, straighten waves and tame unruly hair. You can easily re-comb and style your hair with a bit of water. It is not recommended for thin hair, though.

Tubs and Combos

  • Large Tubs - For barbers, hair stylists and those who just can't get enough of the Classic and Psycho Hold, there are 32oz tubs available for you.
  • Shine and Destroy Combo Pack - This pack includes a 7-inch Shiner Gold comb with 5 pomade travel packs.
  • Comb and Pomade Combo - This combo includes one Heavy Hold and one Psycho Hold.

Shave Soap - This shave soap took years to perfect and fit the standards of the brand. Now lathering up your beard to achieve suppleness and to treat your face with luxury isn't too hard these days!

Apparel -  You can also get several clothing items with the Shiner Gold texts in various artistic styles such as t-shirts, hoodies, baseball tees and t-shirt combo packs.

AccessoriesShiner Gold also offers Shine and Destroy caps, collector's pin, combs, beer coozies, keyrings and comb & pomade combos.

Gift SetsIf your buddies have not yet tried Shiner Gold, you can easily gift them with comb and pomade combo packs and pomade combos, so they can also create the hairstyles they've always wanted.

The world of men's hair styling and grooming has become smaller over the years with the existence of great brands such as Shiner Gold. Many customer reviews on leading online shopping sites are positive and objective when it comes to comparisons and personal experiences. Indeed, men and young lads have considered these pomades as solutions to their hair styling problems.

Make sure to shop for Shiner Gold pomades and hair styling products right here at the Yakwax store! All with our superb FREE UK delivery.