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A true gentleman who takes pride in looking his best likes to focus on his head of hair as well as facial. When you need a hair grooming product that meets the varying needs of both individual and barber shop pros, Reuzel is one of the names you should be focusing on. As Holland's finest pomade, Reuzel delivers its promise with water and beeswax-based products that let you sculpt and style your hair into proper pomp, flat top and quiff. Get Reuzel hair grooming products right here at Yakwax, all with FREE UK delivery.

Reuzel Hair Grooming Products - UK Shop

The cult of Schorem, the Rotterdam-based 'men's only' barbershop, goes beyond its famous classic haircuts and barbering services. Their Reuzel hair grooming products are making rounds all over the world, helping create fabulous pompadours, quiffs and all other sculpted hair styles that bring out the best in every gentleman. This is especially important for those who cannot travel and visit the famed barbershop as they can, at least, enjoy Reuzel hair, beard and moustache grooming products from local barbers or in the comfort of their own home.

Creating products for hair and facial hair grooming has become second nature to many of today's independent brands like Reuzel. However, Holland's finest pomade and other products are formulated in The Netherlands and manufactured in the USA. It's rather understandable since the founders, Leen and Bertus, love what they do and they leave the production to the manufacturing department.

Since its inception in 2013, the brand does not rely on any popular individual to promote their shop nor their pomades. They are open for business most especially for the working class locals and this is evident as represented by the shop's vintage-style posters featuring some of their loyal customers from all walks of life.

The long line outside even before they open their doors every morning is a testament to their ever-growing popularity. And of course, when it's time to style the freshly cut strands, every customer is treated with the right Reuzel hair grooming product to help the barber sculpt his client's hair to perfection. This perfectly makes sense especially when you have a barbershop that also makes hair grooming products and it's even better when customers leave with a pomade or beard balm in hand.

Old School Barbering with Style and Finesse

We've seen some videos of the iconic barbers of Schorem while reading in to the story of Reuzel. The amount of dedication and finesse that they are putting in on every client's hair, beard and moustache is worth the 33 quid they are paid for.

Aside from the mastery and grace of cutting a client's hair, the barbers know that the best marketing technique is to provide a free sampling of their products. The way they cut and style every guy's hair is an art that requires a good sense of classic hairstyles, all made possible by using Reuzel pomade, grease and grooming tonic.

No Lard

The name of the brand itself is sort of a 'nod' to hair grooming's past. Pig fat was the foremost ingredient in pomades back in the day; consequently, Reuzel is the Dutch term for lard. The term pomade was derived from the French term 'pomme' which means apples and the fruit was a common source of fragrance in the lard-based pomades of yesteryears.

Today's pomades and other hair grooming products are often made of beeswax, water and botanical ingredients - making them more manageable, hygienic and pleasantly fragrant.

Products that Complement Each Other

In one of the videos we've seen, one of founders used hair tonic prior to trimming a client's hair. He explains that hair tonic works well with hair (with pomade) needing a haircut. As pomade makes hair sticky and stiff, Reuzel hair tonic mixed with a little bit of water in spray bottle or as is and applied by hand makes it easier for the barber to comb and cut. It also makes the hair smell good during and after a haircut.

Looking for a great hair, moustache and beard grooming product? Try Reuzel pomade, grooming tonic, hair grease, beard balm, shampoo and conditioner. They also offer printed t-shirts, candles and vintage style posters. For travelling gents, we recommend their travel kit complete with three hair grooming essentials.

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