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Physicians Choice

Physicians Choice

Physicians Choice ear plugs are NOT your conventional ear protection for super loud noise and the fast-moving water you surf. They are ideal for surfers who already have surfer's ear since the typical plugs need to be inserted fully inside the ear canal. Physicians Choice ear putty can be moulded to fit the external ear cavity which allows you to hear sound while protecting your ears. These reusable earplugs (putty) are also ideal for swimmers, concert and game goers, and those who want a good night's sleep. Get them right here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery!

Physicians Choice Ear Plugs and Surf Putty - UK Store

Ear protection is a must especially for watersports athletes and practitioners. Protecting your ears is the only way to ensure that you will not suffer from cold water damage, bacteria and loud noise while you are in the water. While there are lots of similar products available today, Physicians Choice ear plugs is one of the most recommended brands in the market.

The company that manufactures Physicians Choice ear putties is Minnesota-based Santa Barbara Medco, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Summit Medical, Inc. The conglomerate is focused on manufacturing quality protective products particularly for the eyes, ears and head, specifically for consumers and medical professionals.

You can get these ear putties in a regular pack consisting of four pairs of ear plugs and a handy container. You will also find bulk packages from one dozen handy packs (with three pairs each pack) and 50 pairs with individual containers (usually sold to ear doctors).

Protective Ear Putty for All

When it comes to protecting your ears, it doesn't matter if you're a surfer, swimmer or any type of watersports athlete. Generally, there is no specific type of end-user - professional sportsman or consumer, you will, one way or another, need to get a pair of inexpensive ear putties to protect your ears for some sort of activity.

Physicians Choice ear putties are designed to:

  1. protect your ears against damaging noise levels minimise
  2. eliminate water retention in your ear canal remove excess earwax build-up and
  3. generally keep your ears healthy

These ear plugs comfortably seal the opening of your ear canal to block out noise and water. The putty itself if pliable and mouldable since it is made of hypoallergenic and water-repelling silicone. You can effortlessly insert and remove the putty without the need for clean-up and without traces of residue. They also fit better than ordinary custom ear plugs, providing a comfortable but effective seal that prevents damaging noise and water penetration.

If you will use Physicians Choice for shutting out noise, you can achieve a noise reduction rating (NRR) of up to 22 decibels. Use the putty as directed to achieve this NRR rating while you're sleeping beside a snorer or at a concert, party or game.

Positive Reviews from Consumers

We have seen multiple reviews from hundreds of consumers, direct end-users of Physicians Choice ear plugs and a vast majority gave their positive feedback on the product. It is easy to assume that many of them are non-pro surfers or swimmers, but regular folks who love watersports and other water-related activities and noisy venues, or folks who are simply searching for gift items for their water-loving family members and friends.

One common theme in their feedbacks is that the ear putty is bigger than what they expect, but can effectively reduces noise and prevents water penetration while swimming. Others have pointed out that the putty isn't 'sound proof', but rather dulls the loud sounds into whispers. For people with perforated eardrums, Physicians Choice ear putties work well especially when showering.

Another very common feedback is the cost-effectiveness of the product. Since you can reuse the putties more than once, you can save more on every pair you have.

Don't go anywhere without the super effective and affordable Physicians Choice ear plugs. Protect your ears from the water while you surf or from the loud eardrum-breaking noise at the parties or game arenas you plan to go to. Get them here at Yakwax and enjoy our rad FREE UK delivery service!