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Mr Bear Family

Mr. Bear Family is Sweden's pioneer manufacturer of moustache and beard grooming products. There are two great things about this brand that many modern gents will appreciate - (1) their use of natural ingredients; (2) they do not test their products on animals. Men who love to keep their facial hair will enjoy the benefits of an all-natural product that will keep them in place whilst also protecting the skin. If you haven't yet found any men's grooming product, Mr. Bear Family is surely worth a try. Shop for their full range here at Yakwax together with our rockin' FREE UK delivery service.

Mr. Bear Family Beard & Moustache Products - Online UK Store

Mr. Bear Family has a superb line of men's grooming products including moustache wax; shaving oil; beard balm; beard brushes and combs; lip balms; and t-shirts.

The story of Mr. Bear Family is really an interesting one. It is a fairly young, medium sized company based in Göteborg, Sweden and it is the first in manufacturing men's grooming products in the country.

The company is co-founded and run by couple Björn Landen and Sandra Hansson. They have a small team of mostly their good friends who have helped them since the beginning of their venture.

Originated From Necessity

Often, we hear about brands that were founded out of sheer necessity and Mr. Bear Family is no stranger to this scenario.

When Björn and Sandra travelled to Australia in early 2012, Björn ran out of beard/moustache wax and couldn't find anything good in the local shops. He started trying and testing various ingredients to create a better product right in their kitchen. After months of experimentation at home, he was able to produce a better product. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Going back to fall of 2012, the couple returned to Göteborg and it was also around that time when Björn started studying brewing while working at a local brewery. However, his own moustache wax concoction fared well than those he found within the city after scouring an entire afternoon.

It was in October 2012 when Mr. Bear Family became a start-up company and produced its first batch of moustache wax. The couple still had their day jobs back then.

In June 2014 Sandra quit her job and started working full-time as the company accommodates more and more orders. Björn, on the other hand, quit work in May 2015 and started working full-time on Mr. Bear. By February 2016, they were able to secure bigger production and office space for their growing company.

All Natural and Handmade

The company is proud of their hand-crafted men's grooming products and they should be. Both the couple and their employees ensure the quality and process are consistent in order to deliver the best products to their ever-expanding clientèle.

You may notice that Mr. Bear Family's line of grooming products has three main fragrances: Woodland (with a masculine fragrance made of pine forests and wood); Wilderness (with a fresh green fragrance with hints of lavender and eucalyptus); and Citrus (with scents of fresh citrus fruits).

The ingredients they use are all natural including a variety of plant-based oils (i.e. almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, argan, rose hip, coconut, and sunflower), beeswax, shea butter and essential oils.

Another great quality of Mr. Bear Family is they do not test their products on animals.

A Steadily Growing Brand

Mr. Bear Family has grown from producing a few dozens to thousands of products each day. By the end of 2015, their revenue grew from SEK 2.4 million (£215,000) in 2014 to SEK 12 million (£1.1m) in 2015.

With 90% distributors from all over Europe, Australia and Russia, 10% private customers from their online shop, plus interested entities in bringing the brand to the Middle East and the USA, it's no wonder this Swedish brand is slowly and steadily making waves in the men's grooming market.

If you've been thinking of growing moustache and beard at this point in your life, don't be afraid of trying out grooming products to keep them in check. These are the main reasons why Mr. Bear Family exists and they make sure guys like you look and feel great with your facial hair
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