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Komunity Project

Komunity Project

Komunity Project is an Australian surf brand founded by one of the world's finest surfers, the 11th time ASP Word Champion, Kelly Slater. The range of their surf products is carefully crafted to ensure they fit the needs of every surfer and varying surfing skills. From traction pads to board covers, fins, leashes and miscellaneous accessories, Komunity Project ensures they are of high quality, and engineered and designed for optimum performance. Get the latest Komunity Project surf accessories, bags, traction pads and more, right here at Yakwax! Order today and enjoy our killer FREE UK Delivery service!

Komunity Project Surf Accessories UK Store

One of the world-renowned surf brands that are popular among surfers and fans is Australia-based Komunity Project. Founded by 11th time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater, in 2006, the brand carries with it the experience and passion of its founder.

Created for surfers by a legendary surfer, one can expect that the products they are getting are produced with the end user's best interest in mind. With a lot of surfers travelling the globe to train, compete or just to find the perfect wave to shred each season, they will need the necessary items to make travelling and surfing worthwhile.

From board bags, covers, fins, leashes and luggage, to traction pads, wetsuit bags and SUP racks, Komunity Project ensures that the bare necessities up to the more technical accessories are within the market's reach.

As of this writing, their brand ambassadors include Adriano de Souza, Bede Durbidge, Clay Marzo, Nikki Van Dijk, Mark Visser, Wiggolly Dantas and Mark Occhilupo. They also have a global junior team comprised of shredding groms with the likes of Harley Ross-Webster, Koby ""Kobanator"" Jackson, Joe Van Dijk, Jay Occhilupo, Rapahel Castro, Arashi Kato, Vasco Ribeiro, Ren Murakami and Takumi Nakamura.


Komunity Project focus mainly on surfboard gear and necessary additions or accessories that are meant to support the surfer's progress in terms of skills, travelling needs and the normal wear and tear of products.

  • Traction Pads - The brand is known for their range of traction pads including grom models, 1-piece and 3-piece sets.
  • Board Covers - Whether for shortboards, regular surfboards, longboards or SUPs, there's a board cover for every type you own. There are knitted socks, blade and paddle covers, as well as day covers in their collection.
  • Board Bags - These bags are available in single, double, triple, quad and all-rounder variants. There are also single and double longboard bags in this category.
  • Fins - Depending on the type of board you have, Komunity Project have fins to match your board - choose among their fin sets, thrusters, quads and longboard fins.
  • Leashes - They provide a variety of leashes including their triple swivels, coils, comps and standards to meet the specific requirement of every surfer.
  • Backpacks - Choose from Komunity's surf travel backpack and five other different styles to suit your surf and travel needs.
  • Accessories - You'll never know when you need an extra item for either short or long travel, so make sure to check Komunity's selection of miscellaneous products to further enjoy and make your surfing adventure worthwhile. They offer travel kits, wallets, nose and tail protectors, change mats, towels, waterproof gadget cases, surf caps, tie down straps, and many others.

"Equipment is everything"

This is one of the mantras Komunity Project have clearly exhibited through their range of surf products which are designed and produced for performance, durability and of high quality. As the requirements of surfers advance over the years, the company ensures that their products are designed and engineered for progression in order to fulfill the needs of the core market.

Komunity Project's most popular ambassadors are among the toughest and award-winning surfers out there. They are also among the youngest wave rippers ever to challenge the growing surf industry. These are part of the reason why the brand appoints their highly successful team of pro surfers to try and test out their products.

'The Komunity Projects' Program

These are programs created by the company that allows them to provide support and awareness for poignant grassroots projects. One of the programs they have created is 'Surfers Against Suicide' which operates within the international surfing community, raising and distributing funds in support of various organisations.

Kelly Slater and his friends within the surfing community are directly involved in raising money, often organising friendly surf competitions that also serve as entertainment to beach-goers. Often, they aim to raise money to help reduce social and individual cost of suicide among the youth, while also promoting the value of a healthy lifestyle specifically through surfing and sports.

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