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Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Ceramic skateboard bearings are great alternatives to steel bearings because of their resistance to dirt, water and friction. Although a bit pricier than your typical steel type, ceramic bearings are longer lasting and low maintenance; thus, enabling you to skate longer and spend much less in the long run. Get your ceramic bearings here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

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Many skaters believe that ceramic skateboard bearings are better than their steel countertype. Though this may not be true for all, it is noticeable for skaters who have used this type of bearing that shredding is far better and smoother.

Although considered a tad pricier, ceramic bearings contain more balls that are made of ceramic. The outside parts are made of steel and depending on the brand you choose, they may sometimes be made of high-grade steel to ensure longer use. These materials ensure that the bearing won't corrode easily, thus reducing the need for maintenance and untimely replacement.

Ceramic balls have the ideal qualities that skateboarders are looking for. They are within the bearings and do not easily deform. They are tougher, lightweight and perform better at high speeds.

If you need ceramic skate bearings, it is essential to look for other qualities as well. You may findthem with nylon ball retainer, rubber shields and/or spacers, depending on the brand you choose. Check our collection of ceramic bearings and other high-quality skateboard hardware here at to see what suits your needs. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you order today!