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Boys High Tops

Boys' High tops

Kids these days tend to go for stylish and comfortable footwear that will match their outdoor activities and casual getup. Boys' high tops often provide comfort, style and support especially for the super active kid. Find a pair of these cool high tops for your kid from some of the greatest brands we carry includingDC, Globe,Supra and many more - all with FREE UK delivery when you shop at

High Top Shoes & Trainers for Boys

There's always the element of 'cool' when talking about boys' high top shoes and parents get the extra points for providing them. Said to be inspired by the contemporary street culture, high top footwear has come and gone several decades ago. But it has made a comeback in the 70's and 80's particularly in the hip-hop scene.

These days, high top footwear is on the mainstream - from street fashion to high fashion, and now among the younger generations of stylish individuals. So true, even for youngsters who love skateboards and basketball, as well as the laid-back kid who run errands for mum and dad.

If you are a parent who wants to upgrade your kid's wardrobe, make sure to add a pair of children's high top trainers on your list. These shoes are great for both function and style, yet comfortable for any situation and activity.

Kids hi-top skate shoes are quite versatile that they can be worn outdoors, indoors, and for almost any occasion. For the super active boys, it's best to choose high tops with impact protection and cushioning to protect their feet from injuries. We have in our collection some of the top brands you can choose fromincluding DC,Globe,Supraand more - all with world wide delivery which is FREE for UK customers.