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Boys Footwear

When buying footwear for boys, function, style and cost are the primary concern of most parents. From regular boys' shoes, to flip flop and sandals, you can now conveniently shop for quality boys surf and skate branded footwear online with a wide variety of styles from top names like DC,Fallen, Globe, Lakai, Supra and Volcom. Just a quick tip though, choose shoes that fit well and are appropriately designed for your young lad and that they're going to be stoked to wear everyday. Shop the best selection of footwear for youth and kids here at Yakwax.

Surf/Beach and Skateboard Footwear For Boys

Footwear for boys is perhaps more important than they are for grownups. Whether it's a pair for activities such as skateboarding, running or for everyday wear, there are plenty of shoe choices suitable for youths and kids including the very popular styles like skate shoes and high tops.

Boys' Skate Shoes & Trainers

Popular among skateboarders, these shoes are an excellent addition to every active and sporty youngsters wardrobe. Not only they are aesthetically pleasing, these shoes are also boasting a lot of benefits including its ability to avoid injury to feet, better protection and and ultra comfortable interior. Get the classic low top for great mobility and minimalist style or choose the mid cut for a little more style and support. For full support and protection on the feet and around the ankles, high tops are certainly the popular choice.

In most cases, when buying skate shoes, your choice is dictated by style, comfort and price, while the others rely on trends or mimic their favourite artist or celebrity. But since they are specifically designed for skateboarding, the style goes to something street and something casual.

Boys' High Top Shoes & Trainers

High top shoes and trainers for boys are practically endless. Started as a typical basketball shoe and now recognised across the globe as a popular wear-with-anything foot accessory, sweeping up in its versatile function and street-style features. On the other hand, while these pairs look flattering with almost anything, the fashion conundrum is always there to break the excitement.

For great selections of superb footwear for boys including branded flip flops and sandals, stylish shoes, socks and insoles, look for DC, Fallen, Lakai, Globe, Supraand Volcom at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!