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Alltimers is known for their odd-shaped skate decks - from stacks of cash decks to Marisa Tomei and Ryan Gosling decks. They have collaborated with other top brands like Adidas and Vans, which resulted to limited edition capsules and commemorative decks. After becoming famous for their creative, funny decks, Alltimers started producing high-quality skate and street style apparel for everyone. If you love skating and a bit of humour, you'll surely love Alltimers skate products. Get them here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Alltimers Skateboards, Clothing, Accessories - UK Shop

New York based skate brand Alltimers was founded by Pryce Holmes in 2013. They gained popularity for creating hilarious skateboard deck designs such as the Lamborghini-shaped boards, stacks of money shaped boards, the Ryan Gosling-shaped deck and the Marissa Tomei-shaped board which was featured on Conan O'Brien's show.

It seems a little childish to think why this brand is so focused on odd-shaped skateboards, but they have found their niche in the ever-changing skate industry. Their crazy skateboards, no matter how odd they are for many people, have gained a cult following after their wacky boards were picked up by the media and curious skating fans.

Alltimers also produce apparel and accessories all year-round. The brand made sure they attract both skate and street style fanatics with their choice of clean designs, colour schemes and graphics. Choose from their collection of shirts, hats, sweatshirts, bottoms, boards and accessories to complete your Alltimers skating experience.

These days you'll find their team members basking and shredding under the sun. The team includes Zered Bassett, Brian Delaney, Ben Blundell, Dana Ericson, Etienne Gagne, Dustin Henry, Will Marshall, Conor Prunty, Charles Rivard, Tyler Warren, Adrian Vega and Adam Zhu.


DJ Khaled - Alltimers created a deck design in honour of DJ Khaled called the "WE THE BEST" DJ Khaled Deck. This 8.3" x 8.3" skate deck features a collage and the DJ's signature slogan on the other side.

Adidas - Alltimers and Adidas collaborated a couple of times which resulted to the vintage-inspired Nostalgic Capsule Collection which features the Super Vulc shoes, track jacket, shorts and a t-shirt; and a Collaborative Capsule inspired by vintage sportswear featuring long-sleeved shirt, sweatsuit, t-shirt, hoodie, gym bag and pair of Campus Vulc sneakers.

Vans - This collaboration resulted to the Old Skool Sport Pro sneaker. The collab is inspired by futuristic visions of aliens overrunning the Earth.

Dime - A holiday 2017 collaboration with Montreal-based skate collective Dime involved the latter's clean designs on a range of clothing, accessories and custom-shaped skate deck.

Skate Videos

Alltimers also follow a signature routine that skate brands are known for - producing rad videos with their team as lead stars.

The following are their most popular skate videos:

  • 'No Idea' - this video features team members Adrian Vega, Will Marshall and Zered Bassett
  • Collab with Quartersnacks - the crew hit the streets of Mexico City one after the other
  • 'Yo, Best Idea' - shot in Barcelona, the Alltimers crew shred the streets with Groove Theory's "Tell Me"
  • 'My Alltimers' - this video features team members shredding to the tune of "Yamaha" by The Dream

If you love fun, silliness and uniquely odd skate decks, Alltimers is the brand to try. Don't forget to include their cool and stylish clothing and accessories when you order here at Yakwax. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you shop today!