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Abec 9 Bearings

Abec 9 Bearings

For insanely fast shredding, Abec 9 skateboard bearings are often mentioned and recommended. Downward skating is one of those situations that would require an Abec 9 bearing grade since it offers better precision and advanced tolerability. These bearings feature precision engineered application and stainless steel hardened balls designed to get through critical impacts. If you need insane speed in your riding style, Abec 9 skateboard bearings are worth trying. Get them here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Abec 9 Skateboard Bearings

Skateboarders who are on a mission to conquer speeds and rad tricks may want to consider new and advanced bearings for their wheels. While it's easy for other skaters to stay within the range of Abec 5 and 7, others who are thrill-seekers and speed junkies would choose Abec 9 instead.

Abec 9 skateboard bearings are designed with reduced friction, so you can ride more instead of exerting too much sweat to gain utmost speed. Skateboard wheels spin for longer periods with Abec 9 bearings, allowing you to do more rad tricks, go farther than usual and stay energetic as you roll.

Some would say that precision skate hardware are expensive, but it's always about quality than quantity when it comes to higher-rated bearings. They are typically made with premium stainless-steel balls with coating and proper lubrication to ensure smooth and friction-less rides. They are low-maintenance and do not need regular lubrication and won't lock-up easily. If you ride through water, for instance, don't be wary because Abec 9 bearings will not stuck-up.

Optimise your skating with the latest ABEC 9 skateboard bearings from some of the world's top brands. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our incredible FREE UK delivery!