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Abec 5 Bearings

Abec 5 Bearings

To skate faster, you need to get bearings that will allow you to roll on faster speeds. Each level of bearing precision is determined by the ABEC rating; and the higher the rating, the stricter the tolerances. Abec 5 skateboard bearings have become the standard for many types of skateboarding. These bearings enable optimal performance of standard or critical applications ideal for entry to intermediate level skaters. A selection of Abec 5 high-quality precision bearings made with steel races, grade balls and surface finish are available here at Yakwax from renowned skate hardware brands Andale and Shake Junt, among many others. Order today and enjoy our rad FREE UK delivery!

Abec 5 Skateboard Bearings

Today's skateboarding norms include newer board models that are often sold together with Abec 5 bearings. Though they are still considered a bit low-end in terms of grade, Abec 5 allows you to skate faster and enjoy cruising with your board. They are made to provide reasonable amount of speed without burning your wallet.

If you are stuck on deciding what skateboard to purchase, the one with Abec 5 is an ideal option. Whether you are a newbie or a little advanced in skateboarding, it is a safer and more reasonable decision to make especially if you enjoy faster speeds on flat surfaces.

Technicalities aside, Abec 5 skateboard bearings will allow you to skate faster, control your speed, and enjoy cost-effective skate hardware. So, give your wheels the guts to win and conquer the challenges of rinks with Abec 5 bearings from AndaleandShake Junt, among many other renowned brands. Available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!